Our Services

We offer a full range of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation services.

Our services will be bespoke to your specific requirements and assist you to meet challenges and respond to opportunities.

We have in-house specialists who can advise you in every aspects of your accounting, financial and taxation needs and we can also draw upon advice from external specialists when required.

Business Start up

It is imperative when starting up in business to have the right structure, advice and know the implications of this. We can assist you with advising on the most effective structure for your business, setting up accounting records and aiding with compliance, Submission of initial statutory forms and returns and incorporating the company.

Business Advisory

Making the right business decisions means applying clarity and objectivity. King’s highly experienced business advisory service combines deep financial expertise with real-world insight and broad market understanding to offer invaluable strategic counsel and planning support for company leaders in a wide range of scenarios – from share transactions and forensic accounting, to succession planning, sale and acquisition, or payroll and pension protocols.


Financial reporting is fundamental to business but can be complex and difficult to navigate. Our specialists are able to support with all your reporting and accounting needs, ensuring that you have the accurate financial forecasts and statements needed to plan and operate effectively. The team is able to provide real-time updated accounts customised to the unique needs of your business, whilst still meeting regulatory standards, underpinned by personalised client service designed to support you all the way.


The ever-changing and intricate world of taxation requires experience and highly specialised knowledge. Our experts are here to ensure that your finances are structured in the most efficient, effective, and compliant ways, through deep understanding of your personal and professional circumstances. We operate to ensure that risks are minimised while all incentives and allowances are fully explored.

Audits and Assurance

Complete immersion in your business operations and imperatives allows for a bespoke audit approach that can be tailored to the needs of each organisation – providing the right support as and when you need it. Our team is always open and accessible in its work, providing clear reporting, advice and guidance on how to simplify processes, working alongside your own people and implementing the right technical solutions to minimise disruption and maximise value.


Our payroll department can take the increasingly complex area of payroll out of clients’ hands leaving them to concentrate on their business. We use the latest computer software enabling us to provide a cost effective service including:

Preparation of monthly/weekly payslips and notification of the liability payable to HMRC.

Completion of statutory forms and year-end employer returns.

Preparation and submission of P11d forms.

Construction Industry Scheme monthly and annual returns.

Management Consultancy

Through our experience we can advise clients on all aspects of management consultancy. Specifically we can offer the following services:

Management appraisal and advice on information systems.

Capital structures that can minimise taxation.

Advice on management buy-outs, mergers, acquisitions and disposals.

Financial management and control procedures.

Development advice for businesses.

Specific project planning and control


We are able to offer a range of services that can help relieve your business of the burden of bookkeeping and accounts work. For a business that cannot afford an in-house accountant it may be more efficient to use our resources. Our services are tailored to individual client needs and include:

Annual financial statements incorporating profit and loss account and balance sheet for companies and unincorporated businesses.

Management accounts on a regular basis and for whatever period you may require e.g. monthly, quarterly, six monthly, etc.

Accounts preparation for specialised areas such as trusts, non-profit making organisations, charities and pension schemes.

We are able to maintain a computerised record of clients’ books of prime entry from the information supplied to us and prepare the necessary financial information.

We can offer help and advice with the installation and operating of well known accounting software packages such as Sage, Quickbooks and Xero and ensure you are Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant.


Ever changing regulations and the growing demands of HMRC mean VAT compliance can be a difficult administrative process. We can help to ensure that you comply with the regulations and that overpayments are not made. To help you manage this complex area, we provide an efficient, cost-effective VAT service, which includes:

Assistance with VAT registration & deregistration
Advice on VAT planning and administration;
Use of the most appropriate scheme;
VAT control and reconciliation;
Help with completing VAT returns;
Planning to minimise future problems with HMRC;
Land and property transactions;
VAT inspections;
HMRC instigations;
Keeping up to date with all current laws;
Negotiating with HMRC in disputes & appeals

Company Secretarial

Maintaining your company and keeping compliant with regulations is an administrative task but necessary when running a company. We can assist with Company Formations, Preparing and submitting statutory returns and forms and statutory records maintenance

Management Accounts

We offer a bespoke, tailored solution to management accounts which suit your business and needs. Having frequent accounts rather than statutory accounts can aid a company in decision making, forecasting and planning.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Forecasting is crucial when you are making big changes within business and especially for new start ups so you can measure success in the early periods. We offer a range of services suited to your business needs.

CIS Compliance

HM Revenue & Customs have initiated a way to diminish tax evasion by deducting the tax from subcontractors at the source. This system of Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is not applicable to employees of a company where their taxes are deducted at source under the PAYE scheme.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) can be a quite challenging and complicated area for the subcontractors were submitting the correct tax return or requesting a refund for the money held by HM Revenue & Customs could be daunting. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to seek professional advice.

There are series of processes associated with this legislation of tax where Kings can make it crystal clear for the contractors and subcontractors and help them be clear on what exactly they need to pay to HMRC and the tax allowances that could be claimed accordingly.

Benefits For Choosing Kings CIS Experts
Guidance with assistance provided to clients for accurate and well-managed payments & deduction record-keeping.
Contractor’s monthly return (CIS 300) preparation and submission to HM Revenue & Customs
Contractor / Sub-contractor registration and deregistration with HM Revenue & Customs as required
Verification of sub-contractors for the contractors
Payment & Deduction Statements provided to you
We have seen people paying extra on their tax bill which has occurred due to the negligence of under-declaration of their allowable expenses and eligible allowances not being claimed. At Kings, we can assure you that our team has an in-depth and extensive experience in Construction Instruction Scheme (CIS) where we aim to take away all your stresses out of CIS with our first-class approach and service.

Making Tax Digital Compliance

We are compliant with HMRC’s making tax digital requirements for particular taxes and can assist in finding the suitable platform for you to ensure compliance is maintained.

Personal Tax Planning

We work alongside independent financial advisors and other professionals to assist in your personal tax planning and forecasting.

Quasi FD Services

Business both large and small require differing levels of financial directorship and we offer this service to our clients where required, tailored to the business needs.

Tax Planning ( EMI, EIS)

We have a wide range of knowledge in EMI, EIS and other schemes to ensure compliance with HM Revenue & Customs.

Tax Investigation Service

Even when companies are acting in the best interest they can, HMRC are able to investigate any number of taxes and for any variety of reasons. We offer a tax investigation service to support you throughout any enquiries or investigations you may encounter.